Today, Diamond Bar residents, like much of the West, are facing a once in 1,200-year drought - a true water emergency. In addition, our local groundwater is not suitable for domestic use and we are dependent on water imported from hundreds of miles away, primarily the Colorado River and the 705-mile long State Water Project. In recent years, periodic droughts, rising energy costs and judicial decisions have restricted the availability of imported water and driven up costs substantially. These factors make it essential that your representative to the Walnut Valley Water District Board of Directors has the proven leadership skills, experience and knowledge to manage operational costs and secure alternate sources of potable water, as needed.


         My name is Ed Hilden and it is my distinct privilege to serve the residents and businesses of the greater Walnut Valley Water District, and an absolute honor to have earned the collective trust and confidence of northern Diamond Bar families with what is proving to be our region's most precious resource - water. Water is life, and my role as a prudent and responsible steward of this life-giving and commerce-driving resource is a duty that I have not taken lightly. As a Board Member of the Walnut Valley Water District, I have worked hard to be a competent, decisive and proactive representative of our water needs and interests.

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         During my tenure, I have served four terms as President and have served on every single committee. I am currently the liaison between the District and Its water wholesaler, the Metropolitan Water District - the largest water wholesaler in the nation, and have also served as Commissioner and President of the Pomona-Walnut-Rowland Joint Water Line Commission - the main pipeline that delivers drinking water to our communities. I continue to devote my time and effort in ensuring that I participate in training and certification courses so that I am current on industry-leading best practices as they relate to water production, sourcing and distribution and transparent, responsible finances.


         Due to the factors mentioned above, the wholesale cost of imported water has continued to rise each year – even more so over the past 9 years. As your Director, I have spent my tenure fighting to secure our District’s right to produce our own water from nearby groundwater basins that lie outside of our service area and to construct the necessary infrastructure to transport it to our District residents. I have long championed these efforts because they will provide a more secure source of water at a much lower cost for residents. I am proud to report that the first of these efforts is now about to payoff. Local water rights were purchased, a pipeline has been constructed and water will soon flow!


         My priority for the next term is the continued expansion and diversification of the District's water supply by obtaining rights to additional lower cost nearby supplies. Some will say that we can conserve our way out of water supply problems and that should be our only goal. Such a narrow, risky strategy could put all our consumers in jeopardy. We cannot ask our residents to conserve in perpetuity, with no long-term solutions. It also ignores the significant steps we have already taken to diversify our sources of water and reduce per capita consumption through conservation. "All of the above" is our best course of action to preserve our options as we face the uncertainties in our water future.


         I am proud of our District’s capacity to deliver a high-quality, reliable supply of water in a fiscally efficient and environmentally responsible manner – all while remaining committed to providing superior services at the lowest price possible for our residents. Our District is consistently ranked as one of the best managed and most financially sound water agencies in Southern California. With your continued trust and vote, I promise to keep it that way.


Ballots arrive October 10, and I ask for your vote,


Ed Hilden, First Vice President and Board Member, Certified Financial Planner

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