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Hello, Walnut Valley Water District Division 2 Neighbor,

As we near Election Day, Tuesday, November the 8th, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my friends, long-time supporters and all the new members of Team Hilden H2O whose trusts and votes I have earned during these past few months. We ran a true grassroots campaign and I am most proud of the fact that the base of my support and volunteers come from right here in the greater Diamond Bar and Walnut Valley communities, including local water leaders, elected officials and a great many residents.


From the first time you cast your ballot for me to now, you have trusted me to be a decisive and proactive steward of our region’s most precious resource, water, and that is exactly what I have been doing on the Board. As your current First Vice President of Walnut Valley Water District, I am proud to be a part of a team that has developed WVWD into one of California’s preeminent water retailers – consistently recognized for our industry leading managerial practices, operational efficiencies and financial strength. My highest priorities are continuing to ensure a clean, reliable and cost-efficient water supply for our residents - delivered with superior customer service and affordable rates.

As a water retailer, WVWD is rather low on the totem pole when it comes to our influence on the judicial decisions, rising energy costs and constantly changing hurdles coming out of Sacramento. However, this does not discourage our forward-looking vision. I remain determined to be an effective, proactive and decisive advocate for my community. I have successfully fought to secure lower cost sources from nearby basins, have worked to double our utilization of renewable and resilient recycled water and, as liaison to MWD, I am currently championing and fully support Pure Water SoCal, which will be the nation's largest and most advanced recycling plant – all groundbreaking achievements for a local water retailer. Currently under construction in Carson, Pure Water will essentially "drought-proof" our region.

WVWD is uniquely positioned as the “face” of your water supply. I work with my colleagues and staff to ensure that we are more than just a water retailer, my goal is for WVWD to be your partner in responsible water usage and conservation. As your Director, WVWD has dramatically increased our community outreach through year-round rebates, incentive programs for water efficient fixtures and appliances, even pool covers, free community workshops, interactive posts from our high school interns, District staff and Board Members on our website and social media accounts and through regular open houses for students and the community.

We have done very well at Walnut Valley Water District, but the ongoing threats of drought and climate change put continued pressure on the reliability of our water supply. We cannot, nor should we, ask you to conserve in perpetuity with no long-term solutions. Many of the steps the District has taken during my tenure on the Board will protect us, but we must continue to be nimble and resourceful in sustaining our water supply. It will take experienced leadership with strong regional, state and federal relationships to protect our water supply and our residents. I have clearly demonstrated the leadership and vision that has made the Walnut Valley Water District a front-runner in the field of water supply security and resiliency.

With your vote, you can be confident that your water supply and affordable rates are in good hands.