As you may know, Walnut Valley Water District is your direct water retailer, meaning we purchase your water from our designated wholesaler, the Three Valleys Municipal Water District. Three Valleys is a constituent agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - the largest water wholesaler in the nation. As WVWD's liaison to the Metropolitan Water District, I am joining MWD in supporting and championing Pure Water Southern California. Currently under construction in Carson, CA, Pure Water will be the largest and most technologically advanced water recycling facility in the United States. Daily, it will produce 150 MILLION gallons of clean, high-quality water for all types of non-potable uses, including irrigation and manufacturing, for over 500,000 households and countless industries. When incorporated into the larger recycled water ecosystem that already exists throughout the region, this will essentially "drought-proof" the Valley. 



In addition, in the mid-80s, the Walnut Valley Water District was one of the region's first retailers to secure a source for recycled water and invest in the infrastructure to get it to our local parks, freeway and city medians, cemeteries, school fields, golf course fairways, manufacturers etc - long before many other water retailers. During my tenure on the Board, including multiple terms as President, delegate and liaison and service on various committees, I have worked hard to expand access to this forward-looking and renewable resource. Now, Walnut Valley Water District has almost doubled its customer base for recycled water. In fact, you can see our extensive Purple-Pipe System in action and clearly marked by signage as your travel our major corridors within Diamond Bar. Our source for recycled water is the Pomona Water Reclamation Plant (Near the Pomona Valley Humane Society) operated by the City of Pomona and Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. Currently, the production output for this facility is 15 MILLION gallons per day - enough to serve 130,000 people daily.  


It must be stressed that recycled water is NOT what comes out of your tap or what is considered potable water. Recycled water is a cost-efficient, renewable supply of non-potable water that decreases the amount of high-cost, raw potable water that local wholesalers must import - often from the Colorado River or State Water Project. However, I can assure you that recycled water is analyzed tens, if not hundreds, of times per day and is just as safe and clean as any other source of water. This, in turn, passes along tremendous savings to retailers, such as WVWD, which we then pass along to you, the resident. When these systems first rolled out, they were met with much skepticism by special interests who labeled them as "toilet to tap." It took decisive, forward-looking leadership to advocate for these systems and pursue their rollout into Purple-Pipe Systems that parallel our potable water distribution infrastructure. I am proud to have been one of these early advocates because these very systems have helped prepare us for the type of water emergency we find ourselves in today. It is this experience and leadership that has distinguished the Walnut Valley Water District as one of the best managed, most financially sound agencies in Southern California. With your vote, I'll keep WVWD operating at this high standard!